Solannex has developed and patented a packaging technology that eliminates over 50% of the costs associated with converting flexible thin film pv semiconductors into modules.  Furthermore, the proprietary packaging technology enables disruptive module form factors and unique installation approaches that will reduce balance of systems costs by approximately 50%.  By capitalizing on the inherent advantages of flexible thin film throughout the entire value chain, and dramatically reducing both module and installation costs, Solannex will be able to initially deliver pv at a total installed cost of $2/watt.  This is roughly 40% less than the current total installed systems cost of $3.50/watt or higher.  Solannex’s packaging technology is semiconductor agnostic, working with CIGS, CdTe, thin silicon, III/V and organic PV, thus providing a platform that leverages the billions of dollars already invested in a diverse array of pv semiconductor technologies.


The white paper below provides additional high level background on the company’s technology and approach.  For further information please contact



Solannex White Paper



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